Arkadiusz Kondas

Arkadiusz Kondas

Zend Certified Engineer

Name:Arkadiusz Kondas
Year of birth:1988
Address:Skoczów, Poland
Phone:+48 601 972 707
Hi, my name is Arkadiusz Kondas and I am a professional web developer from Skoczów in Poland. My main skills revolve around PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Feel free to contact me using the form on the contact page.

My certificates



2013 - present

Out of the Box


My own company dedicated to producing high-quality web applications and mobile applications.

2008 - 2013

Optimal Wojciech Tatka

Programmer, Head of programming

OPTIMAL based in Skoczow is one of the largest companies of Cieszyn Silesia, has been in business since 1996. Focused on providing its customers the latest technologies, satisfies their requirements and expectations.