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Text data classification with BBC news article dataset

The goal of this post is to explore some of the basic techniques that allow working with text data in a machine learning world. I will show how to analyze a collection of text documents that belong to different categories.

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Clustering Chicago robberies locations with k-means algorithm

Using the real dataset of crimes committed in Chicago, I will divide the robbery locations into a bunch of different clusters. Then I will try to visualize results and answer the question of whether we have chosen well parameters for our algorithm.

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Binary heap implementation in PHP

Short explanation what is binary heap and how to implement it in pure PHP from scratch. I will show you how to compare it with native solution (SPL). Performance results are surprising.

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When the expert becomes a leader

Very often in the life of an expert there is a moment when he wants (or it must) to become a leader. These are two different roles that are very difficult to reconcile with each other. In this post I will present some useful techniques that can help experts become a good leader.

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Write your own simple chess AI in PHP

A brief history of how to start writing your own chess engine in PHP. You will learn some basic algorithms, prepare a solid foundation allowing for further development and finally I will consider how you can push your AI further.

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Design Patterns - Strategy

One of the main assumptions of good project programming is the 'Open/closed' principle, which says that classes should be closed for modification, but open to extension. The strategy pattern allows you to easily maintain this standard in your code.

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